Kids Ministry

Currently, Encouraging Hope Ministries offers assistance to families through contemporary programs geared to reach both kids and parents in different ways:

  • Confident Kids Support Groups

    A support group specifically designed for children 4 - 12 years old. The life skills curriculum helps kids and their parents understand their feelings, grow with changes, make wise choices, telling themselves the truth, and living together in a family. In Colorado Springs, contact George Colflesh at (719) 380-9032.

  • Kitchen Table Mentoring

    38% of all children live in families without their birth father. Most character traits are “caught” rather than taught and consequently role modeling is a vital part of nurturing a child. Using activities in the child’s home, the mentor spends time encouraging, guiding and helping. We offer mentors for elementary aged boys or we will teach your church how to offer a mentoring program. (719) 380-9032.

  • Boy Scouting Consultation

    Most people don't know that churches may own overtly Christian Boy Scout troops. George Colflesh has been in the Boy Scouts of America since 1946 and has personally served as the Scoutmaster of a Christian Boy Scout troop. We will help you organize a Christian troop or enhance an existing troop spiritually.

  • Church Administration Consulting

    Tradition seems positive enough, except it often keeps churches from growing spiritually. The Holy Spirit is constantly moving with the times, while many churches are stuck in eras gone by. George Colflesh has had decades of experience in volunteer administration and can help your church grow and achieve contemporary goals.